What is SyncFirst?

Simply put, SyncFirst allows you to use unstructured input data and output it as structured data.

SyncFirst’s project system allows you to view reports and other unstructured data, choose the information that's relevant and present it in a format that matches your specific requirements. Information from invoices, client records, monthly reports, payroll records and more can be extracted and output in minutes.

You can create projects that capture the specific information from your source data. A project contains information specifying the source file and the fields that will contain the extracted data. It also specifies how the data will be extracted.

Once extracted, data can be reviewed, graphed and analyzed or exported for use by other applications.

Evaluate SyncFirst Now

You can evaluate all three editions of SyncFirst.

SyncFirst Standard enables a single user to create an unlimited number of projects and access an unlimited number of data sources. SyncFirst Financial adds to the functionality of SyncFirst Standard by allowing you to use a number or features specific to financial applications. SyncFirst IQ extends the functionality of SyncFirst Standard by allowing you to grant any user with access to your network full access to a shared project system.

You can experience SyncFirst firsthand by clicking on the button below to download and evaluate each edition.


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