Compare SyncFirst Standard with SyncFirst Financial and SyncFirst IQ

SyncFirst allows you to leverage otherwise inaccessible data sources, transform and analyze your data and export data to other applications.




SyncFirst IQ

Create an unlimited number of projects



Share project data among users



Create reusable Templates and apply them to projects

Create and export Calculated Fields

Create and export Financial Formula Fields



Export Detail Records

Export Summary data

Export charts to external applications or PDF format

Sort table data

Print tables

Support for "Currency" fields



Display hierarchical table data

Rearrange fields when displaying tables

Apply filters to tables

Use data from XML files

Use data from PDF files

Chart data from text files, PDF files, print spool files and ASCII data

Automatically Extract data from files

Extract hierarchical data from multi-level reports

Pricing (includes media and printed documentation)

Electronic Edition (does not include media or printed documentation)



$2649 (5 User)
$4799 (10 User)

$2599 (5 User)
$4749 (10 User)