Many Ways to View and Manipulate Data


Some fields in a report may contain the data that you want to capture, but not in the proper format.  For example, a report may show the "Shipping Date" for a list of orders, but you might be interested only in the day of the month that each order will ship.  SyncFirst handles situations like this by allowing you to create calculated fields.  A calculated field uses data from another field from the report to display a distinct value in the Table window.  In this example, you would use the "DAY" function to extract the day of the month for each shipment.


By default, SyncFirst will display all data from a report, but it is also possible that you may want to display only a subset of the data extracted from a report.  For example, you might wish to see records for customers who have placed orders within the last month with a total value greater than $1,000.  SyncFirst makes this possible by allowing you to create record selection formulas that filter the data selected for display according to the criteria that you set.

Record selection formulas can be as simple or complex as you want and can be limited to a single field or any combination of fields.


SyncFirst also makes it possible to sort data extracted from a report and display summary amounts for numeric fields.