Project-Oriented Approach


SyncFirst is based on a powerful and flexible project system.  Projects contain detailed information about a report and its fields and sort levels.  They can be repeatedly reused to extract data from standard reports.

The first step when creating a new project is to select the report that contains the data that you are interested in.  Report data will usually come from simple text files, but may also be extracted from PDF files.  A project includes only a single report, but you can choose a new report for a given project at any time.


A report may contain several levels of sorting or subtotals, each with important data.  SyncFirst handles these situations by allowing you to create a mirror image of the structure of the report that includes only the fields that you want to capture.  Meanwhile, this information is stored in the project system

As you define each sort level and add fields, SyncFirst provides a tree-like view of the sort levels and fields for the project.  This allows you to update field definitions from any sort level as the need arises.