About SyncFirst Financial

SyncFirst Financial includes all of the functionality of SyncFirst Standard, along with additional features that are most important in financial applications.  “Formula” fields allow you to use built-in financial formulas along with your other numeric fields to calculate their values.  SyncFirst Financial also includes a special “Currency” field type for use with fields that contain financial data.

SyncFirst Financial also supports all of the features of the SyncFirst Standard project system.  Projects contain detailed information about a report and its fields and group levels.  They can be repeatedly reused to extract data from standard reports.

You can order SyncFirst Financial through the Data Synergy Store, read the User Manual or download an evaluation copy today.


About SyncFirst IQ

SyncFirst IQ includes all of the features and functionality of SyncFirst Standard, but operates in a multi-user environment, allowing you to grant any user with access to your network full access to a shared project system, allowing multiple users to create and modify projects, export data and automatically generate any of the system's reports, tables, charts and graphs.  Changes made by one user are immediately made available to all users, minimizing duplication of effort.  Data exported by each user can also be shared with other users.

SyncFirst IQ also includes a set of functions that enable system administrators to manage users and and their permissions to access each project.

You can order 5-user and 10-user versions of SyncFirst IQ online through the Data Synergy Store.  If your requirements exceed 10 users, we recommend that you contact us for a custom quote.