Technical support services are available to registered customers, based on their specific needs, as described below.

Free Limited Warranty Support

Users  who have registered a supported product within the last 30 days are eligible for one-time free installation and configuration support. If you require this service, you will need to contact us via email or telephone and indicate how you would like for us to respond (by telephone or e-mail).

Note that support provided under this service is limited to installation and configuration issues.

Standard Support

The Standard Support plan gives you one year of support to resolve issues related to:

  • Product download, installation and setup
  • Instruction on the use of specific features
  • Help in creating and modifying projects
  • Assistance with interfacing SyncFirst to other systems
  • Other assistance, as needed

This is a comprehensive support plan that provides all of the technical expertise you need to make the most of your software investment.  A general outline of this program appears below:

  • Prepaid support is available in three-hour packages
  • Each three-hour package costs $300
  • All prepaid packages expire after one year and are renewable
  • Support is available by telephone and email
  • Remote assistance is also available

The Standard Support plan also entitles you to receive all minor version updates for the next 12 months.

Each support plan applies to all products that you have purchased and covers all documented features and supported operating environments. 

See the Standard Support plan terms and conditions or Contact us for details.

Project-Based Support

We offer end-to-end support for your projects, from planning through implementation and maintenance.  We can take your ideas and requirements and create an innovative solution that will meet your needs.

We have expertise in converting and migrating data with SyncFirst projects and can perform all of the necessary analysis to design tables, create filters and calculated fields, set up automatic exports and interface the system with your existing applications.  Alternatively, we can supplement your project team with expertise specific to our products.

Contact us for more information about how we can help with your project.