Transform Hierarchical Reports Into Tables


The most fundamental task that SyncFirst performs is extracting data from your text and PDF reports and displaying the data in tables.  After you have fully defined the fields for each sort level, you can display the Table window.  The Table window organizes data from the report so that fields from each sort level of the report are shown side-by-side along with fields from the report's most basic detail lines.


Once data is available in the Table window, you can export it to a database or other applications, sort the table, define and apply various filters, add calculated fields and print the table, or view bar or line charts.  You can also continue to the Analysis window and create summary views.


You use the Analysis window to view hierarchical summaries of data extracted from the report.  You can summarize and total data from any combination of fields, regardless of the original organization or sort order of the report.  You can also print or export summary or detail data from this window and view additional charts.